Biography Omar Al Borkan Gala

Name: Omar Al Borkan Gala
Born on 01/01/1990
Height: 1m93
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Occupation: Model

Omar Al Gala Borkan-owned masculine beauty and seductive eyes, so mysterious he is currently popular model on the catwalk of the United Arab Emirates.Omar Al-Gala Borkan born on 01.01.1990 and was a student of the Faculty Executive Hotels International Institute of Hotel Management Emirate. He was a student of Abu Obaida Ahjarah public schools in Dubai.Borkan while studying hotel management, but he also has a passion for art, fashion and especially love photography.Property masculine beauty, romantic style not unlike an Arab prince and proportioned body as a model, Borkan get noticed by the fashion label designed for men. This is also the reason why the names of the boys 9x attention on the catwalk of the United Arab Emirates.However, it should be said again that Omar Al-Gala Borkan became famous around the world after he is 1 in 3 boys were expelled from Saudi Arabia in the festival because of "too good looking".The board members of the organization feared female visitors here will be 3 this charming guy. Saudi Arabia is a society of conservative Sunni Muslim, here it is prohibited women be allowed contact with strange men

Hotboy Arabs expelled form the cult magazines
Borkan masculine beauty dressed in traditional Arab men.Similar to many other celebrities, fans Borkan also created countless Fanpage and Group on the social networking site Facebook. Pictures of male students of Hotel Management Emirate rampant throughout the network forum.Hotboy Arabs expelled form the cult magazines
Borkan to seem vulgar, masculine of a modern young people.
Image Borkan in traditional costumes of Arab men handsome and charming features, especially eyes dreamily under thick eyebrows, beard typical of Central Asian men.

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